Becky Kisabeth Gibbs

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Fountain Street Open Studios

40″ x 40″
Oil on canvas

Thanks for stopping in to see my work during our Open Studios last weekend. It was alot of fun to see old friends and meet new people, and discuss my art. There’s one more “Second Friday Stroll” this year, Friday, December 11, 6-9pm.  Special pricing for small works will continue through December, so if you saw a piece you liked, now is the time!


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Painting in my studio

2009_10 trees Energeia 038
 Thanks if you stopped by for my Friday Stroll yesterday. I always have a great time meeting new people and discussing my art. I’m back to work, splitting my time between two different series. I’m getting ready for my two-person show at Galatea Gallery in SOWA, February, 2010. It seems like a long time from now, but I know the time will fly by, and it will be here before I know it!

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Long awaited, fresh and green!
We have been anxiously waiting  –  for the leaves to unfurl, changing our environment from gray to green, and all of the promise of growth and warmth that lies ahead. Here’s an oil painting I did last month of the woods in my backyard. Spring color added by the artist just a touch early.


My Backyard
11″(H) x 14″(W)
Oil on canvas

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We Check Out Bumpkin

Today we  got up and decided to go to Bumpkin Island, so we were on the road by 10:30. We took the wrong exit but still made it to Hingham Shipyard eight minutes before the ferry left. The day was warm but grey, the harbour was foggy and it was great to be on the water.

Bumpkin Island was a nice way to spend  two hours. We hiked all over the island, easy to get around in just over an hour. There are gorgeous wildflowers on the island, and a beautiful limelight. Photos of Bumpkin and my Limelight to follow.

I think there’s potential to continue my limelight series based on Bumpkin Island visuals.