Becky Kisabeth Gibbs

See lots of work in progress@Second Friday Open Studios, 3/12/10

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I have alot of work in progress, lots of mixed media India ink works on paper, and quite a few new oil paintings. I recently started some new experiments in oil, and don’t even have photos of them all yet. Here’s one large oil painting in progress, part of my “Don’t Be The Bunny” series. Most of my semi-abstracted works so far have been trees and light – which alot of people say look like reflections in water. Some of my friends say that no matter what I paint it looks like water. Well, I really do want to paint water…I have been waiting to dive in because I’m afraid I’ll never get out.  I love being around water,  to look at it’s ever-changing surface, and I love to swim & boat…So now I’ve started some water paintings, and this will probably consume me for awhile. Right now I’m playing with different styles and approaches, so they all look a little different. I’ll try to post one next week.

Meanwhile, if you want to see them in progress, stop by Friday, March, 12 for our Second Friday Studio Stroll @Fountain Street Studio, 59 Fountain St, Framingham, MA.

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