Becky Kisabeth Gibbs

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studio freeze

18″(H) x 24″(W)
mixed media

so now we have 20 degree weather here in NE and my studio was so cold that I wanted some of those fingerless gloves. oh well, I started a new ink series that is really interesting and  had me excited to keep working.  I’ll post my mind(e)scape, but I’m psyched to show the new stuff at my Friday Stroll at my studio December 5??

hope to see you there.

so…also let me tell you that mindescape was a long intensive drawing to finish and not only is it a scape from mind but it was especially an escape to my mind.


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Open Studios

It’s been a fun week with alot of friends and visitors at my First Friday Studio Stroll and Open Studios.

I got some great feedback on my work, and many especially liked my imaginary creatures from the “Caledenia Novemtentaculus” series that I’ll post today.

Thanks to all who stopped by my studio.